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It’s cold. It’s dark when my alarm goes off. The comforter is so cozy, and the air is bracing. The solution? Yoga in bed.

Here’s a quick rundown of what she demonstrates:

1. 3-5 deep breaths with retention to start gently moving the body.
2. Inversion time! Place your pillows under the hips, just so they are higher than the heart. Lift one leg, then the other. She also suggests hanging the head off the side of your bed for more detox. Stay there for a minute or two.
3. Seated cat cow for about a minute. (I do this every morning. It’s reflexive.)
4. Gentle twist to each side.
5. Sit with your legs over the edge of the bed, and fold over your legs with closed fists. You can lift up slowly into a rag doll.
6. Sitting, clasp your hands behind you gently and fold over again.
7. Eagle arms with a slightly rounded back to open shoulders and upper back. Of course, do both sides to stay balanced.
8. When complete, stay seated, take deep breaths. You can even use the opportunity to set an intention for your day.



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