trust me your 30’s will be Better Than 20’s

Life doesn’t end when you’re over your 20’s! Ok, nobody makes that point, but if they did, you could easily tell them that 30’s are even better! Need visual proof? We’ve got them.

Lifehack has come up with 8 scenarios where 30’s beat 20’s by a long shot. From figuring out your individual style to understanding what friendships and relationships are all about. Even if you’re in this position right now and feel a bit lost, don’t worry and don’t push yourself too much, because there aren’t many things that time couldn’t fix.

Now get down there and vote for the ultimate truth of how 30’s kicks 20’s butt!




20s Vs 30s


40s: who needs friends anyway when you can have annoying colleagues. (Any fancy suggestions how to continue this?)


20s Vs 30s


40s: welcome to the midlife crisis. You finally accept yourself, knowing that you are screwed anyway. 50s: Everythings went better than expected.


20s Vs 30s


20s: irregularly shaving is considered a style. 30s: irregularly shaving is considered lazy.


20s Vs 30s


letting go does not mean you have to move away.


20s Vs 30s


Get a dog and use the wag-o-meter for detection. Works almost 100% and is safe to use for all ages. Comes with bite-o-scare to be activated on particularly unfavorable sensor readings.


20s Vs 30s


i’m in my 40’s now and still havn’t time


20s Vs 30s


20s: booze inceases your confidence. 30s: booze decreases your confidence.



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