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15 Genius DIY Storage Solutions

Is your home overwhelmed with clutter? Here are 15 projects to help you wrangle the mess.



Mirror Makeover

Isn’t this the cheeriest «Welcome home!» sight for sore eyes? Tattooed Martha’s entryway mirror makeover updates a cheap $10 organizer from Goodwill to make a brightly-colored home for all of the odds and ends you need to keep by the door: Keys, lint rollers, extra bags, umbrellas, and more. TATTOOED MARTHA

Rolling Storage

Got some empty space under a bed or couch, but don’t like the look of plastic under-bed organizers? These rolling crates from Teal and Lime add an industrial touch to your living area, and are simple to make—no power tools needed. Best of all? How easy it is to access your storage, thanks to their rolling casters. 


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Canvas Basket

Few things are as versatile as a large canvas basket—it can hold blankets, scarves, stuffed animals, or any number of soft items. We love Life In Velvet‘s chevron-painted no-sew baskets. All you need is a plain basket (easily found at dollar stores or in the clearance section of stores like Crate & Barrel) and fabric paint for chic living room storage you can keep out in the open.


Fabric-Lined Crate

While Farm Fresh Therapy uses these fabric-lined wooden crates to keep track of her kid’s stuffed animals, the possibilities for these clever boxes are nearly endless, even if you don’t have children. The end result certainly looks sleek, and don’t worry: The project is so much easier than it looks. 


Tea Box

Drink a lot of tea? Keeping all of the teabags in their individual cardboard boxes can make a cluttered mess. This upcycled DIY tea storage box from MMP Hobby is a fantastic solution, and all it requires is glue, paint, gift wrapping and a plain wooden box from your favorite hobby shop.


Tin Can Organizer

Tin cans are having a moment—make that moment your own. Upcycled Treasure‘s tin can office organizer is not just super cute, but also super easy to make. The only problem? Waiting for the paint to dry!


Lipstick Holder

We love this chic, clever lipstick holder from Hammer & Heels. It uses copper tubing and wood plugs to make a beautiful organizer that will hold as many lipsticks as you’d like—just make however many slots you want! Even better? It only costs $12 to make. 


Hanging Bins

These hanging storage bins, made from used containers of disinfectant wipes, will hold all the tiny doo-dads that never seem to have a home. Make It Love It created this storage system for her craft room, but we think it could go anywhere—in the bathroom, tool shed, or kitchen. It’s so easy to make this project your own. 


Spice Holders

Freckled Laundry‘s wire-and-nail spice jar storage system is a beautiful way to display your most-used spices using nothing but glass jars, floral wire, and nails. Here, they’re used only with white kitchen products—baking soda, salt, etc.—but there’s no reason you can’t expand this to enclude your entire spice collection. 


Doggy Bags

Dog-lovers, here’s another craft for your finished canisters of disinfectant wipes: Use them to store your rolls of poo bags in between walks. Nàe Chic made the container a little more glam using spray adhesive and fabric. 


PVC Shoe Rack

This PVC shoe rack from Cookie Loves Milk is downright genius: Find pipes that are just the right size for your shoe collection (she recommends about a 6″ diameter), cut them down to shoe-length, and stack together using pipe glue. Ta-da! It’s an endlessly customizable shoe rack—and you can always add to it as your collection grows. 


Winter Storage

Need an unobtrusive place to store your winter necessities? Blogger The Baloney Bug repurposed Target filing trays as winter storage, screwing them into the back of her closet door and filling them with hats and gloves.


Battery Roundup

Batteries have a way of getting lost—so why not whip up an organizational system just for them? The Creative Homemaker found a fantastic way to keep them sorted by size. All you need? Bulk spice containers, which can be found at most grocery stores. 


Book Crates

This DIY is particularly great for a kid’s room (although we’d recommend keeping them away from the power tools while you’re making it!). Using an unfinished wooden crate from a craft store, I Heart Organizing made two whitewashed storage crates to hold children’s books at her kid eye level. 


Nursery Pegboard

We think this storage idea from photographer Mandy Busby is downright brilliant. We’ve seen pegboards in the kitchen and the garage, but putting them in the baby’s room opens up a lot of space for kids to play, and means you’ll worry less and odds and ends getting in your baby’s way.




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