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12 DIY Wreaths to Get You in the Christmas Spirit



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Bountiful Bows

Grab that big bag of bows from the dollar store and create door decor that has way more impact that one lonely bow on gift box ever could.

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Abundant Ornaments

It’s a rare occasion that you can hang shiny, colorful orbs all around your house just for fun. Lean way into the Christmas tradition with this truly impressive wreath.

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A Twist on Holly

Smooth mangolia leaves studded with tiny red ornaments look like a more voluminous (and less pointy) holly branch.

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Candy Stripes

Alternate red and white canning lid rings to create a wreath that mimics a fresh peppermint.

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All That Glitters

This super sparkly wreath dazzles your guests even before they step foot into your home.

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Piles of Presents

Hang this cheeky wreath as a reminder to be generous this holiday season. ‘Tis the season of giving, after all.

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Crafty Patterns

Fabric scraps in Christmas colors turn a simple wreath form into homespun decor.

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Sophisticated Herbs

A chic take on holiday greens, this fresh sage wreath looks beautiful even as the herbs dry.

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Sweet Treats

Channel The Nutcracker with this happy-hued wreath covered in gumdrops (just avoid hanging it outside, and spray it with a shellac to keep bugs away).

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Berry Beautiful

Faux red and white berries celebrate the holiday season with a classic look.

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Rustic Chic

Pair a burlap riboon with craft-store wood slices for a cozy, neutral craft that looks at home in any room.

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Wrapping Paper Trick

When you’re done wrapping gifts, turn the inevitable leftover paper into this clever wreath.

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These super-festive designs will make any door sparkle. This article originally appeared ongoodhousekeeping.com




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